Brenda Burrell

Mobile phone agriculture extension service models

Prof Robert Fitzgerald | Dr Tehmina Mangan | Mustafa Nangraj

Published November 16, 2015

Farm extension services are the main source of disseminating agricultural information among the country’s farming communities. These are mostly provided through face-to-face interactions, but the ratio of agriculture extension agents to growers is very low in Sindh.

Freedom Fone Project Status

Hi Everyone..

So, an update on where we're at with the Freedom Fone project.

As you can imagine with a new project, development on the code base was pretty much non stop 2009-2014. Slowly but surely we built out a free, open source Do It Yourself IVR/SMS solution that was phone agnostic and independent of the Internet. It dramatically reduced (but did not entirely remove) the computer and telephony skills required to set up an information service comprising voice menus, voicemail & SMS services.

Somalia: OCHA founded radio station turns words into action

To strengthen its interaction with affected communities, Radio Ergo has partnered with Freedom Fone, to better capture feedback via SMS and voice messaging. The service has been receiving on average 40-50 messages daily since its inception in May 2013.

Read the UNOCHA article on Radio Ergo's work at: