Freedom Fone - Version 2.0 Features/Tech information


Features added to version 1.6.5 functionality: 

Thanks for your feedback! As a result of it, this version includes a few cool requested features:

  • MESSAGE CENTRE: All incoming messages in the form of SMSs and voice messages will now be found under the Message Centre
  • NESTED VOICE MENUS: Plenty of choices now as you can chain menus together however you please.
  • MULTILINGUAL VOICE MENUS: We've included a Language Switcher option that helps you to build your voice menus in different languages.
  • MULTIPLE LIVE LEAVE-A-MESSAGE MENUS: Since you can build fully multilingual voice menus you'll be pleased to know that you can create as many Leave-a-Message IVRs as you need.
  • MULTIPLE LIVE VOICE MENUS: You're no longer limited to one default voice menu. Incoming phone lines can be set to connect to different voice menus. A switchboard GUI has still to be built, but until then you can edit configuration files to manage this yourself.
  • USER MANAGEMENT: You can now view and edit details associated with callers who interact with your service. You can also segment your Users into Phone Books.
  • OFFICEROUTE: We've found a more versatile multi-sim GSM gateway for Freedom Fone. Now you can receive SMS and voice calls by connecting your Freedom Fone server to the OfficeRoute.

Tech Info

Network Auto-detection

Freedom Fone tries to auto-detect your network configuration. Freedom Fone runs DHCP client by default but it is highly recommended to fix a IP address in your installation.

Audio files are streamed to the web browser, so fixing an IP address will ensure that streaming works smoothly. To do this, go to Dashboard > Settings and select the appropriate IP for your setup.

Make sure to insert your IP address into the URL for this page before you attempt to modify these settings. eg http://yourIP/freedomfone/settings

Freedom Fone supports three different setups:

  • Standalone
    The audio files can only be played from the local machine: Select
  • LAN setup
    The audio files are available to any computer in your local network:
    Select your internal IP (typically 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x)
  • WAN setup (public internet)
    The audio files are available to any computer in the world! Select your external IP (autodetected) and make sure that your router is port forwarding port 80 to your internal IP address